kelsi mcbride 7050 st ives ct jacksonville fl 32244

Kelsi McBride 7050 St. Ives Ct, jacksonville FL 32244, is a haven that is surrounded by human ingenuity and beauty. 7050 St. Ives Ct, the residence of Kelsi McBride is an example of the combination of sophistication and peace situated in the vibrant swath and bustle of Jacksonville.

A Sneak Peek in Kelsi’s Oasis

1. The Address The Address: A Gateway to Bliss

The property is located in the pulsing neighborhood of Jacksonville 7050 St. Ives Ct exudes peace in the hustle and bustle of the city.

2. Architectural Marvel Where Art Meets Practicality

The design in Kelsi McBride’s sanctuary is a perfect blend of style and function. From the grand façade to the intricate detailing, every inch whispers stories of aesthetic beauty and skill.

Exploring the Amazing Interiors

3. Welcome Foyer: A prelude to hospitality

As you enter the 7050 St. Ives Ct, guests are greeted with the foyer, which is decorated with warmth and awe. The atmosphere invites you to step away from worries at the door, and to embrace the peace inside.

4. Comfortable Living Rooms A Place where Comfort is the king

The living spaces in Kelsi McBride’s house are the ideal example of luxury and style. Each room has been meticulously designed to provide a sanctuary from the turmoil of the world outside.

Embracing Outdoor Tranquility

5. Lush Gardens: A Symphony of Colors

Beyond the gate is an oasis of flowers and greenery. The lush greenery of 7050 St. Ives Ct breathe life into the landscape and help in providing a sanctuary for contemplation and relaxation.

6. Tranquil Retreats The Place Where Solitude Finds Its Home

In the lush greenery, private retreats await those looking for tranquility. If you are enjoying the calming sunshine or listening to the gentle chirping of birds every inch of outdoors is a haven to the spirit.

Explore 7050 St. Ives Ct

A home that is nurtured by nature

When you walk into the neighborhood in 7050 St. Ives Ct, you’ll be welcomed by a beautiful symphony of greenery. Tall trees gently wiggle with the wind, and their branches making music of tranquility. Flowers’ scent in the air creates an amazing carpet of scents. It’s more than just a home It’s a place to relax in the midst of nature’s enchanting embrace.

Neighborhood Charm

Beyond the borders of the house is a community that is brimming with warmth and charm. People greet you with genuine smiles and the feeling of community is apparent. From block parties to spontaneous gatherings There’s always a feeling of camaraderie circulating through every street in 7050 St. Ives Ct.

Jacksonville, FL: A Gem of the South

Jacksonville, FL, often called”the “Bold new City of the South,” is an amalgamation of history, culture, along with natural beauty. From stunning beach to lush green spaces, Jacksonville has many opportunities to explore and experience. With the vibrant art scene and bustling culinary scene, Jacksonville never fails to attract the attention of its inhabitants.

What is the Beauty of Zip Code 32244

In the vast canvas of Jacksonville is the captivating zip 32244 zip code. It’s not just an assortment of numbers, it’s a testimony to the charm and beauty that surround this area in the city. From beautiful landscapes to varied communities, 32244 captures what Jacksonville is all about in its charm.

Kelsi McBride A Resident’s View

For Kelsi McBride 7050 St. Ives Ct isn’t only a home, it’s a place she is proud to call her home. Since the first moment that she first stepped her feet in the serene home she knew she was in the middle of a little piece of paradise. Every day, as the sun rises over the forest, Kelsi finds solace in the peace surrounding her.

living at 7150 St. Ives Ct

The comfort and Tranquility

In 7050 Street. Ives Ct., the word “comfort” doesn’t mean just a thing but a way of living. From comfortable interiors to expansive living spaces, each aspect of the home has been designed to inspire a sense of calm and peace. It doesn’t matter if you’re reading an enjoyable book in front of the fire or having an unhurried evening sitting on the patio there’s plenty of moments that are filled with happiness and tranquility.

Community Spirit

What really makes the 7050 St. Ives Ct apart is the vibrant spirit of its community. From community cookouts to spontaneous games there’s always something going on in the next block. It’s a place where friends thrive, and lasting memories are created and woven into a sense of belonging that enhances the lives of everyone residents of this community.

Conclusion A Tapestry of Serenity

Kelsi McBride 7050 st Ct jacksonville FL 32244, a time when moments of calm is a blessing beyond. Kelsi McBride’s sanctuary located at 7050 St. Ives Ct stands as a glimmer of tranquility and peace, weaving elements of human art and nature into a beautiful tapestry and tranquility.


1. Is Kelsi McBride’s house open to visitors?

  • It’s not true, Kelsi McBride’s residence is an exclusive sanctuary that is not accessible to the general public to visit.

2. Are there any special events or gatherings that are held in 7050 St. Ives Street?

  • Although Kelsi McBride’s house is mostly an individual residence, occasionally events or gatherings could be scheduled according to the wishes of the owners.

3. Can I reserve 7050 St. Ives Ct for filming or photography?

  • Filming or photography requests at Kelsi McBride’s home are not allowed.

4. Does Kelsi McBride provide tours of her house?

  • The tours of 7050 St. Ives Ct are not open to the public.

5. What can I do to find out details about Kelsi McBride’s interests and work?

  • For more details about Kelsi McBride, browse her website or get in touch with her via official channels.

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